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# Art in Your Wallet

Public libraries in Ontario have been invited to participate in a great project in conjunction with Canada 150 and Ontario Public Library Week festivities. Huntsville Public Library is putting together a book that celebrates library cards that are # the Art in Our Wallets.  Public libraries use wonderful images on Library cards to share library ideas, stories, histories, messages and more.

This page has been created to make a process more user-friendly.   There are two steps to the process:

STEP 1:  Complete the Library and Card Information Form (link to open form below)

Library and Card Form

  • Name of library, city/municipality, and population served.
  • Information about your library; highlights, achievements, history.
  • Library card information:  artist name, how it was selected, details, and/or theme.  If sharing more than one card please include the information for each card.
  • Press the RED submit button at the bottom of the PDF form.   It will open into an email addressed to

STEP 2:  Submit Images (Cards and Library Logo)

Link to Submit Images via Sharefile

  • High resolution (600 dpi) files of your library card(s) and library logo.


1. What if we have more than one library card?

Submit them all.  I recommend naming the files with numbers that show priority/preference for inclusion;  for example:  HPL1, HPL2, HPL3.

2.  What if the submit form doesn't open in my webmail?

Simply save the completed form and email it along with the images to Deborah Duce, CEO/Chief Librarian of Huntsville Public Library.  705-789-5232 OR

3.  What if I don't feel my current card is anything special?

If you aren't excited about your current card, feel free to share past cards - plastic or print - that you think demonstrate the history of your library.   This book is a celebration of the history and art in the cards that get users thinking.

4.  Do I need to create a Sharefile account to submit images?

No. The link above (link to submit images via Sharefile) open directly to the submit page.   Simply 'drag' or 'upload' the images and press 'UPLOAD'.

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