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Art in the Library Policy

Policy Number:  15-38
Policy Approval Date:  April 13, 2015
Policy Review Date:  April 2018


In this policy:

Local refers to the Muskoka/Parry Sound area.

ALC - Art in the Library Committee


 The Huntsville Public Library welcomes local artists to exhibit their work in the Library.  The Library supports the display of art that:

  •  Enhances the visual appeal of the Library for the community by creating a cheerful and beautiful place to visit.
  • Encourages the local artistic community by providing a space to display their creative works.
  • Encourages creativity and exploration in the visual arts in youth by providing a venue to display their works.
  • Attracts new visitors to the Library.
  • Fosters the diverse interests of the community.
  • Does not contain advertisements or solicitations.


  1.  The Art in the Library Committee has been created to coordinate display of the work of local artists.  The ALC:
    •  Appoints two curators - an adult curator and a youth curator - to coordinate display of work by local artists in the Library.
    • Coordinates the review of the work of those artists who wish to display their work in the Library.
    • Sets the schedules.
    • Completes grant applications for new initiatives and opportunities.
    • Reports regularly to the Library Board
  2. Displays will typically be two (2) months for adult works and one (1) month for youth.
  3. Special consideration is given to local artists and artisans.
  4. Artists wishing to display must submit an application that will be reviewed by the curators.   If accepted the artist will be notified by telephone or email of the dates of his/her exhibit, and the dates and times of hanging, reception, and takedown.  The Youth Curator will coordinate the display schedule for schools.
  5. All wall hanging works must arrive ready for installation.  Artists are required to use the Library's in-house hanging system.   A display case is available for other media.
  6. Artists are responsible for hanging their work under the direction of a curator during agreed scheduled times.
  7. Huntsville Public Library will not act as agents for exhibitors.
  8. Artists wishing to display material in the Library will be required to sign an 'Exhibit Waiver of Claim' form assuming full responsibility for their displayed materials and releasing the Library from any liability.
  9. Huntsville Public Library assumes no responsibility for loss, theft of damage of exhibits while on Library premises.
  10. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage caused by the display of exhibits.
  11. Exhibitions will be promoted using these resources:
    • The Art in the Library webpage & social media tools.
    • Library posters
    • The Display Board
    • A media alert to local groups.
  12. Displays may not be accepted for the following reasons:
    • Lack of suitable, safe display space on the Library premises
    • Object promotes a private or corporate business
    • Display is contrary to the policies and procedures of the Huntsville Public Library Board

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Policy History
Approved by the Huntsville Public Library Board, April 13, 2015 | Motion Number: 15-38.
Supersedes Policy 11-32; Approved June 11, 2012.