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Planning Policy

Policy Number:  16-81
Policy Approval Date: October 10, 2016
Policy Review Date: October 2019


The purpose of the Planning Policy is to establish a planning process that enables the Huntsville Public Library to:

  • Meet the needs of the community
  • Maintain continuity of service
  • Respond effectively to change
  • Budget in an effective and responsible manner
  • Ensure that the Library Board and staff share a common understanding of what the Library is trying to achieve.

Planning Policy:

  1. The planning process will follow the guidelines in the Public Libraries Act and meet all the A.O.D.A. standards even if not specifically outlined in this policy.
  2. The Huntsville Public Library Board will establish a Planning Committee consisting of the CEO/Chief Librarian, at least two Board members and at least two staff members. Other members may be added by the Board on a permanent basis by the committee on an ad hoc basis.
  3. During the second year of the Board's term, the Planning Committee with develop a new or revised four year Strategic Plan which includes a mission and/or vision statement, values, goals and strategies. In this process the committee will review and consider:
    • The character and needs of the community as part of its regular community analysis
    • The role of the Library in the community as part of its regular community analysis
    • Municipal priorities
    • Fiscal needs and restraints
    • Marketing
    • Advocacy
  4. The Strategic Plan will be presented to the Board for review and approval.  After approval by the Board, the Strategic Plan will be communicated to the town council and to the community at large in a variety of ways.
  5. The Planning Committee will oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan by setting priorities for each coming year in the form of an Annual Action Plan including targets, timelines and actions. It is the responsibility of the CEO/Chief Librarian, the staff, and the Board to implement the Annual Action Plan.
  6. Before the end of each calendar year, the Planning Committee will review and assess both the Strategic Plan and the Annual Action Plan. The committee will be guided in this process both by the collection of relevant data and by consultations with the community in a variety of ways. The results of the review and assessment will be reported to the Board as part of the ongoing community assessment.
  7.  The CEO/Chief Librarian. will prepare an Annual Report by the end of each calendar year. This report will include the review of the Annual Action Plan and the priorities for the coming year. The Annual Report will also include summaries of the state of the Library and Library usage but may not be limited to the above matters. The Annual Report will also be communicated to the town council and the community at large by various means.

Planning Guideline - Years of Strategic Plan

Each calendar/fiscal year the Planning Committee will create an action plan for the coming year and at year end will present a Legacy Report on goals/objectives achieved and/or outstanding. 

At year end the CEO/Chief Librarian will prepare an Annual Report for the Board and the community.

Policy History

Approved by the Huntsville Public Library Board, October 11, 2016 | Motion Number: 16-81.
Supersedes Policy 14-37; Approved May 12, 2014.