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Programming Policy

Policy Number:  14-53
Policy Approval Date:  August 28, 2014
Policy Review Date:  August 2017


The purpose of programming at the Library is to:

  • Stimulate imagination and inquiry by providing information, inviting, public discussion, encouraging curiosity and creativity, and/or promoting literacies (information, technical, cultural, and reading).
  • Promote the Library's collections and services.
  • Engage Library & users in collaborative efforts
  • Foster innovation

Programs are defined as any group activity offered to the community or a defined group that the Library coordinates, plans and/or presents on their own or in partnership with another organization or via a third party contract.


In keeping with the overall Huntsville Public Library goals and mission statement, programming is considered an integral part of the Library service offered to the community. The Library initiates programs and art exhibits to stimulate the use of the Library and its material and to provide for the general enjoyment and enlightenment of the community. Programs are developed to respond to emerging community interests as well as to sustain demonstrated interests and demands. Programs are regularly evaluated to determine community response and program effectiveness. Programs provide another format for the dissemination of information and an opportunity for discussion of ideas. Statements made or positions taken during programs, events and meetings do not necessarily reflect the opinions or values of the Huntsville Public Library.

Library programs should promote the communication of ideas and information and extend Readers Advisory (recommended reads) and information service to library users; they bring library collections to life. Library programs are often a first contact with books and reading for children, as well as a non-threatening way to gain information for reading-challenged adults.

Library programs will:

  1. Stimulate interest in and use of the Library.
  2. Promote interest in reading, culture, information, technology, and literacy and research skills.
  3. Promote an awareness of contemporary issues and information required to engage in society.
  4. Attract non-users and reflect the need to connect programs with library resources as part of the process of creating lifetime library users.
  5. Provide entertaining, enjoyable, educational experiences.
  6. Be offered without charge to attendees except in exceptional circumstances where admission may be charged to recoup the Library's costs of presenting the program. Admission may be charged for fundraisers held by the Friends of Huntsville Public Library or other literacy, library or literary not-for-profit organizations and as approved by the CEO/Chief Librarian.
  7. Create and promote community partnerships in order to be able to offer expanded and higher quality services, provide local businesses with resources and services, and to become the central community hub.
  8. Speakers will agree not to contravene the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario Human Rights Code during the course of their program.
  9. Huntsville Public Library facilities occupancy will apply to all programs.

Preschool storytimes, general orientation tours, literacy programs such as reading circles, book clubs, summer reading clubs, and basic technical competencies training will be considered core services and will be free of charge.

The Library may partner with not-for-profit or for profit organizations for programming content. The Library may provide content and present programs in other venues or other organizations may provide content and present programs at the Library. The Library will consider content that meets the criteria above and supports Huntsville Public Library goals and mission statement.

When partners provide content, Huntsville Public Library will waive room rental fees. Staff support for promotion and on-site assistance may be provided. Content based partnerships do not mean that the Library endorses particular points of view promoted at programs and this will be noted on publicity where appropriate. Partners will be acknowledged as appropriate.


Upon completion, programs will be evaluated as to the level of participant satisfaction, attendance, and cost effectiveness.   To help gage participant satisfaction and to collect new ideas, program participants will be provided with program evaluation forms to be collected by staff as they leave.  Program evaluation summaries will be kept on file as a resource for planning future programs.


The Library does not assume responsibility for damages, personal injury, illness or theft arising from participation in any program, or in any facility, or at any location where a program is held.

The Library does not assume responsibility for the supervision of minors attending programs.   Parents and caregivers are required to attend programs for children less than three (3) years of age.   For most programs for children three (3) to ten (10) years of age, parents do not attend the program but must remain in the Library building during the program, preferably in or near the programming room. 

The Library does not assume responsibility for children while on Library property.  Parents and caregivers are encourages to inform program facilitators if the child has any pertinent medical, physical or allergy problems.