Safety, Security & Emergency Policy

Policy Number:  14-77
Policy Approval Date:  November 10, 2014
Policy Review Date:  November 2017


The Huntsville Public Library Board is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for staff and members of the public who use the library. The Board also acts to protect property. The Board, CEO/Chief Librarian, and the library employees share the responsibility to ensure a safe and secure workplace.


  1. The Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1 (OHSA) imposes a legal duty on employers and on supervisors for ensuring the well-being of workers under their supervision and to take reasonable measures to protect their safety. The Board designates the CEO/Chief Librarian as the supervisor, in accordance with OHSA.
  2. The Board ensures that funding, time and resources are dedicated to training the staff in safety, security and emergency procedures.
  3. The Board requires each individual staff member to take responsibility for his or her own health and safety, as well as that of the library users. Each person will take initiative on health and safety issues and will work to solve problems and make improvements on an ongoing basis.
  4. The CEO/Chief Librarian and the Library Health & Safety Worker Representative develops safety programs that include procedures, implementation plans, enforcement, and reporting for:
    • Safe work practices, including WHMIS, ergonomics, working alone, harassment, and indoor air quality.
    • Events that compromise the safety and health of staff and the public, including bomb threats, harmful, abusive and dangerous behavior by individuals and medical emergencies.
    • Crime prevention, including theft, vandalism, and drug dealing and/or use.
    • Disasters that threaten collections, furniture and equipment, including fire and flood.
  5. In the event of extreme weather or power failure the CEO/Chief Librarian or staff on duty will determine the necessity of closure in consultation with the CEO/Chief Librarian. If the CEO/Chief Librarian is not available, the Librarian in Charge will phone and leave a message explaining the situation, as well as e-mailing the CEO/Chief Librarian with the particulars of the closure.
    • Power failure - wait 30 minutes, if the power has not been restored, post a sign stating the reason for closure.
    • Extreme weather - The primary consideration is safety. In the event or severe weather, post a sign stating the reason for closure

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