Interlibrary Loan Policy

Policy Number:  15-87
Policy Approval Date:  October 13, 2015
Policy Review Date:  October 2018


Provide materials for customers, from other libraries, if the materials are not owned, are non-circulating or are missing from the Huntsville Public Library collections.


Interlibrary Loan:   is a transaction in which the Huntsville Public Library borrows material directly from another library on behalf of a user, or another library borrows materials from the Huntsville Public Library on behalf of its user.


All types of library materials may be requested on Interlibrary Loan, subject to the availability and the interlibrary loan policies of the lending libraries. However, Huntsville Public Library will not request or loan the following:

  1. Rare, fragile and/or valuable books, and manuscripts.
  2. Material in current and/or recurring demands such as bestsellers; current demand is defined as items published in current year)
  3. Course and project material
  4. Current editions of standard reference materials
  5. Materials in format or size not suitable for loan such as kits, loose-leaf materials and pop-up books.
  6. Equipment
  7. Materials limited by licensing agreements
  8. Entire issues of periodicals;  sections may be photocopied if in compliance with Copyright Law of Canada

 Requestors must:

  1. Have a valid Huntsville Public Library card to make an interlibrary loan request.
  2. Submit an online account setup request
  3. Use this online account to complete all interlibrary loan requests; paper requests are not submitted in order to achieve efficiency and sustainability goals.  Library staff will assist users with the process.

Loan periods and renewals are at the discretion of the lending library but a request may not exceed two weeks, with one two week renewal. Items can only be renewed by staff that assists with interlibrary loan transactions.   Renewals will only be completed if the lending library approves the renewal request.

There are a maximum of 30 active requests per user.

If a user does not pick up an interlibrary loan request the Huntsville Public Library may apply a fee (see HPL Borrowing Policy and Fee Schedule).

The Huntsville Public Library will complete requests for materials on behalf of its user through INFO (Information Network for Ontario) and will:

  1. Adhere to the provincial interlibrary loan policies and participation standards
  2. Make its database of holdings available to the provincial interlibrary loan network
  3. Promote awareness of the interlibrary loan service
  4. Request materials not owned by the Library or missing from the Library's collection
  5. Request any type of library materials needed for the purpose of study, instruction, information, recreation, or research
  6. Not request items owned by the Library and temporarily in use or on reserve
  7. Strictly observe any conditions for use of loaned materials that are imposed by a lending library
  8. Not charge users a fee for borrowing via interlibrary loan
  9. Respond to requests within 2 days
  10. Charge for overdue, damaged or lost materials based on the Huntsville Public Library Borrowing Policy.

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Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.44


Amended and Adopted | Motion 15-87 | October 13, 2015
First adopted Motion 14-57 | August 28, 2014.