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Sustainability CollectionSustainable Huntsville

The Sustainability Collection encompasses a wide variety of topics for all ages. There are many different types of materials available in the collection including books, periodicals and DVD's. The majority of the sustainability collection can be found in the non-fiction shelving due to the nature of the related subjects. There are also a few fiction picture books that deal with the topic of sustainability in the children's library.

Below is a list of subject headings, descriptions, and suggested keyword searches to help you find what you are looking for. If you are just browsing the stacks, books in the sustainability collection have the Sustainable Huntsville Logo on their spine so they can be easily recognized.


The Building section includes a wide range of topics from simple home renovations and upgrades, to large scale projects such as building a brand new house or large industrial building. No matter the topic, you will find great advice on how to incorporate sustainability into your next building project.

Search Keywords: Sustainable Development, Sustainable Dwellings, Dwellings and Energy Conservation, Buildings energy Conservation, Sustainable Architecture, Ecological Houses, Solar Houses


This section shares success stories of sustainability for the entrepreneur. Even if you run a small company with few employees, the choices you make on a day to day basis can have an impact on your local environment. Check out some of these books to learn how you can make a difference.

Search Keywords: Small Business Environmental Aspects

Citizen Participation

Citizen science is a very important part of data collection. Large scale projects such as frog monitoring or bird watching require a large amount of people to contribute information over a huge geographic area. You don't need to be a trained scientist to help contribute meaningful information for the protection of your resources. Check out a book fro this section to learn how you or your family can become involved with contributing valuable data to projects around the globe.

Search Keywords: Citizen Participation, Citizen Science


In this section you will find books pertaining to Earth's ever changing climate. Topics such as climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gas emissions are covered.

Search Keywords: Climatic Change, Global Warming, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Climate Change


The energy section covers a wide variety of green energy topics. You can find information on solar or wind power, how to conserve energy, and household tips and tricks for lowering your energy consumption.

Search Keywords: Solar Energy, Wind Power, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Conservation

Food Preparation and Gardening

This section contains information on how to employ sustainable gardening techniques in your own backyard. It includes information on native plants, vegetable gardening and eating local. Learn more about how to grow, harvest and prepare your own food.

Search Keywords: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Horticulture, Native Plants

Green Movement and Activism

The Green movement section contains information relating to how people react to the vegetative impacts of climate change. You can find books on the green movement, environmentalism and environmental protection and how you can get involved. This section does not cover politics and policy- see Politics.

Search Keywords: Environmental Protection, Green Movement, Environmentalism, Environmentalist


This section contains information on how to go green in your daily life with examples from changing your beauty products, household cleaners, clothing and making informed choices as a consumer.

Search Keywords: Sustainable Living, Green Products

Natural Resources

The natural resources section talks about many of Earth's natural resources from extraction, environmental degradation, as well as the conservation efforts of our natural resources.

Search Keywords: Environmental Degradation, Conservation of Natural Resources


This section covers the politics involved with climate change and the green movement. It covers local, national and international reforms as well as what nations are saying and doing about the environmental problems our Earth is facing.

Search Keywords: Environmental Politics, Green Policy, Energy Policy


Anyone can become an environmental steward. This section covers many of the great ways you can get involved locally. Topics include shoreline buffers, lawn naturalization, woodlot management, forest management, water management and much more.

Search Keywords: Environmental Protection, Shoreline Buffer, Woodlot Management, Forest Management


The green technology sector is rapidly changing, and covers a wide range of new technological advancements that aim to mitigate the negative effects people have on their environment. This section contains a wide variety of topics from changing how we extract natural resources, to the production of brand new materials.

Search Keywords: Green Technology


The transportation section covers alternative forms of transit such as cycling, commuter trains, buses, walking and more.

Search Keywords: Green Transportation, Environmental Transportation

Waste Diversion

The section on waste diversion focuses on alternatives to throwing things in the garbage. Items can be reused, recycled, given to charity if they are still in good shape, even upcycled into something completely different. Learn more about the impacts of just throwing things away.

Search Keywords: Waste Minimization, Recycling, Upcycling, Reuse