Chromebook Availability

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What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are a new type of computer designed to help you get things done faster and easier. They run Chrome OS, an operating system that has cloud storage, and lots of free Google Apps.

Who can use a Chromebook?

Any Huntsville Public Library cardholder with an account in good standing can borrow a Chromebook.

How long can I use it?

The Chromebook can only be used in the Library. The Chromebook can be borrowed for two hours per day. Please return it to a staff member at the Central Service Desk. You are responsible for the Chromebook, power cords and any accessories checked out on your card; a lost or stolen Chromebook will be billed to your account.

How do I turn it on?

On the Chromebook, the power button is located at the upper-right corner of the keyboard. A "welcome" screen will appear when the Chromebook first boots up.

Getting Started

Once the Chromebook is on, press "Let's Go" and then select the Huntsville Library network. Then continue through the prompts, including agreeing to the Huntsville Library WiFi Terms of Service, until you get to the Chromebook Sign-in.

Logging into the Chromebook

If you have a Google (Gmail or Android) account you can use it to sign in. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one for free or you can choose Browse as Guest. Browsing as a Guest will limit what you can do with the Chromebook.

Chromebook Basics

In the bottom left corner you will find the icons for the App Launcher and for Google Chrome. Use can use the App Launcher to
start any apps you may have added to your Google Account, or to view your files. Use Google Chrome to get on the Internet. Once you're in Google Chrome, you can use the search box to either input a web address or a search term for Google.

How do I save a file?

By default files are saved to the Chromebook's internal storage. You can access the storage by going to the App Launcher and selecting Files. All files will be wiped when the Chromebook is returned. You can save a file to your own external drive - such as a USB thumb drive, or you can save files to a cloud storage platform. Here are some options:
All cloud storage platforms require an account.

How do I download apps?

You will need to be logged in to your Google Account to download apps. Click on the App Launcher and select the Web Store. Once you are in the Web Store, you can add any apps that you like to your Google Account. The next time you log into the Chromebook all your apps will be installed.

How do I create a document?

There are a few methods in creating documents on the Chromebook. If you have logged in with a Google Account, you will have immediate access to Google Docs, which is Google's word processor. All Google Docs files are automatically saved on your Google Drive account. If you prefer Microsoft Word, you can go to the Web Store and install the Microsoft Office Online Chrome Extension. Microsoft Office Online requires a Microsoft account (Hotmail, Outlook or Live).

How do I print?

At this time you cannot print directly from the Chromebook. Save your document to an external drive or to a cloud platform and
then print from one of the Library's public computers.

How do I sign off?

Click on your profile picture on the bottom right hand corner and select sign out and then return the Chromebook to the Central Service Desk. All of your data will be wiped, so please ensure you save your files.

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