Sustainability Collection

Sustainability is about meeting our needs today while saving resources for the future. The Huntsville Public Library supports the Town of Huntsville's Sustainability plans, and you can view them online.

Battery Recycling

You can drop off your dead batteries in the front lobby to be recycled by Raw Materials Company (RMC). The batteries are taken to a plant in Ontario where 98% of the materials are recycled.

Important: Tape the ends of your batteries before putting them into the bin, so that they do not short circuit.

Kill-A-Watt Readers

Have you ever wondered how much electricity you use? Borrow a Kill-A-Watt for a simple way to see how much electricity you are using. Simply plug a Kill-A-Watt Reader into an electrical outlet, and plug the device into the reader.

Solar Panels

The solar panels on the roof of the library were connected in February 2014 by Greenside Electric. View the solar panel page on the Town of Huntsville's website for more information.

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