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Miss Humblees
Curriculum for Kids Ages 3-6!

Available at home or on the go with your tablet, get hundreds of fully interactive, guided lessons and over 2,500 activities in math, language & literacy, art, music, science & social studies.

Miss Humblebee's Academy!

Gale in Context Elementary
Support Learning at Home

Give your kids additional resources to support their learning with this online resource.  They'll discover facts, news, pictures, and videos on a wide range of topics.

Gale in Context | Elementary

What is a Database? Learn how to help your kids become comfortable doing research using this resource. Read this handout for details. 

Gale Health and Wellness
Stay Informed: Get the Facts

Interested in reading credible and authoritative resources on topics related to your health and wellness?  This is it!  Learn from articles written by medical authorities and experts.

Gale Health & Wellness

National Geographic
Discover and Explore Our World!

There are 1530 magazines in this resource from October 1888 to the most current issue. Explore articles on animals, the environment, history, people and cultures and more.

National Geographic

National Geographic Kids
Engaging Videos and Magazines!

Help kids broaden their horizons with videos, pictures, books, and magazines from this highly regarded and engaging online resource.

National Geographic Kids


Wow!  There are many learning and research resources here for you!  Learn a language, find details on your next large purchase, take courses in technology or communications, or research your family tree.  Take courses on arts & crafts. Discover local history. Find up-to-date academic and business resources.  It's all here just for you with your HPL card!

Black and white illustration of woman's headshot  on gold background
Online Learning with Experts!


Professional development is essential for self-awareness, building confidence, and bringing a sense of renewed enthusiasm for our work. Find a suite of over 10,000 tutorials led by experts on software development, business skills, photography, fostering your creativity, managing a home office, graphic design and interpersonal communication, mindfulness, having those tough conversations, empathy, customer services, and so much more.

It does require you have access to high-speed Internet. Take the first step and create an account with Lynda.com using an email address. You can earn certificates of completion for each course!  

The letters C and R on green background
Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports

Ready to buy a new fridge? Thinking about replacing the lawnmower?

Find researched and evidence-based ratings, reviews and buying advice from expert Consumer Reports' testers for products and services such as cars, electronics, appliances, and more.

This version of Consumer Reports is more fulsome than the online version ou might know.  Here you find rating on tested products such as air conditioners, generators,  dehumidifiers, grills, mattresses, washing machines, and over 9500 products. 
Stylized Letter M
Learn a Language

Mango Languages

Find learning modules for your child on this online language learning platform. Your child can watch movies that take listeners and viewers through each aspect of the language structure and meaning. Each section is divided into age categories so you can find the right one for your child.

French, Spanish, Korean, and more than 70 languages on this mobile learning platform. Get the app to take language acquisition with you on walks and runs!  In addition to learning languages, there are several movies that take listeners and viewers through language structure and meaning. Great for kids!

Digital Learn
Learn Computers: Beginners!

Digital Learn

Did you know that the Internet is NEVER down? Really.  If you experience difficulty getting onto the Internet, it is because of a setting on your device or your provider has lost their connectivity to the Internet.

Find easy to follow, self-directed tutorials to help you improve your digital literacy and become a good digital citizen.

"If you are new to computers, haven't used them for a while, are a little unsure and uncomfortable, or just need a bit of a refresher, we have the tools to help you tackle technology at your own pace and gain the confidence you need to succeed."

This is a FREE resources you can access anytime and from anywhere when you have an Internet connection and a device.

Developed by the Public Library Association.

Creative Bug
Expert Arts & Crafts Tutorials


There are thousands of award-winning art & craft video classes taught by recognized design experts and artists in this digital collection.

Learn how to make customized journals, cloth purses, tunics and smocks, quilts, hand puppets, crocheted and knitted socks, water coloured painting, baking, and sewing. New classes added daily! Find hundreds of arts and craft activities for your kids, too!

Log in with your Library card number and PIN.


Khan Academy
High Quality Online Learning

Khan Academy

You can learn anything. Really.  No matter your age, you can lean a new skill, Get into Khan Academy – it’s FREE – and enjoy the thousands of courses in Math, Science & Engineering, Art & Humanities, Economics & finance, Computing, and Test Preparation. 

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers you to study at your own pace.  You just need a computer or mobile device and Internet connection.

You'll establish strong foundations and then ZOOM, there's no limit to what you can learn next! 


Khan Academic Kids
Online Learning for Kids!

Khan Academy Kids

You can learn anything. Get into Khan Academy KIDS – it’s FREE – and enjoy the thousands of educational activities, books, songs, and games for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders. Children can learn reading, language, writing, math, social-emotional development and more. Open-ended activities and games like drawing and colouring encourage creativity and self-expression.

The Ontario genealogical Society digital Collections & Library atalogue
Ontario's Premier Resource

Ontario Genealogical Society Library Collection 

Get access to books, family histories, cemetery records, and more specific to Ontario!

Browse through various collections including:

Mystery Photos, WW1 Memorial Wall, Cemeteries, Books, and share your family's story!

This is a perfect resource for everyone whether you are beginning your journey to find family trees or are an expert researcher.

Kanopy Kids
Learning with Movies!

Kanopy for Kids 

Watch movies to learn about history, science, & languages. FREE!

Parents, use your Library card to create an account and log in. Afterward, choose Kanopy Kids from the top navigation bar. There's an app for your mobile devices, too! 

Educational Films


Watch instructional films complete with lessons in areas such as: Food Technology, Hair & Beauty, Health & Safety, Travel & Tourism, Library & Information Management, and Technical Expertise. There are films to learn about chemistry, biology, environmental sciences, nursing, midwifery, anthropology, child health, journalism and dozens more!


Ancestry Library
Discover Your Family Tree


Start researching your family tree with this powerful and highly regarded online resource.

Access from anywhere is extended to the end of December 2020. We'll keep you up to date if it continues to be offered for off-site use beyond that date.

  1. Click on the Ancestry logo or from the top of this page, click through the "My Library Card" button.
  2. Log in to your account and locate the Ancestry Logo and start your research. OR 
  3. Click through the "My Library Card" button and find Ancestry in the Digital Collections box. Click on Ancestry, log in, and start your research.
The Huntsville Forester Canadian Community Digital Archives
The Local Newspaper

Huntsville Forester Online 

You might see the Forester wrapped in a pinky-orange coloured plastic bag at the end of your driveway once a week, but did you know you can get it here, too!

Find digitized editions of this newspaper starting from 1895 to present. Hosted by the Canadian Community Digital Archives.

This resource is important for those researchers interested in period announcements and local events, obituaries, community activities.

Commercial Change
Canadiana Online

Canadiana Online 

Looking for information on Canadian History? This online digital repository is dedicated to the preservation and access of Canada's heritage. There are articles from the late 1800 on coins in Nova Scotia.

You will find the Forest and Farm publication from 1888 and details of the forest fires during 1908.

When you need reliable historical facts on anything Canadian, this is your resource. 

Digital Archive Ontario
Explore Ontario History

Virtual Reference: Digital Archive Ontario

Local history collections with photos, maps, postcards, city directories and other items relevant to their communities. You'll find Primary Source Sets, Library Videos, and highlights on many Ontario towns and villages. 

Ontarians explore the history of their hometowns and beyond with unrestricted access to our vast digital collection and expert blogs.

The collection of directories compiled in this database are from these sources:

ProQuest Historical Newspapers
Historical Toronto Star

Toronto Star: ProQuest Historical Newspapers 

This digital archive includes editorial and opinion pieces, advertisements, want ads, birth and death notices, and news stories. It is a collection of the Toronto Star newspaper from 1894 - 2015.

Go ahead! Have a look at Toronto from it's early days!

You'll be surprised by some of the images of well known Toronto streets, street cars, and buildings. 

cars in heavy traffic
Learning to Drive!

G1.ca - G1 practice tests 

Ready to get your driver's license?  Start here to practice! G1.ca provides free G1 Practice Tests, based on the official Ontario Driver's Handbook. No registration required.

The M1 Motorcycle Test is available, too!.

Take the Diagnostic Test, read resources to help you learn with some driving tips, find test locations, watch a live action driving hazard simulator, and practice, practice, practice.

Muskoka Digital Archives
Local Community Archives

Muskoka Digital Archives 

A collection of historical photographs of the Muskoka region providing you a sense of the people and places of this region.

This platform offers users an opportunity to contribute to the indentification of photos adding personal and narrative perspectives that are often missed in other resources. 

This important resources is ideal for the novice researcher and those with more advanced skills!

Authoritative Information

Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly (CPIQ) 

Starting back to school online this year? Do you have a research project for work and need better quality resources than you find on an Internet search?

Looking for resources that are credible and reliable for your studies? This database contains over 1,500 Canadian journals, magazines, and newspapers 1980 to present day. Includes some French magazine titles. Covers a broad range of subjects including current events, health, technology, the arts, history, literature, culture and business; emphasis on mainstream and academic titles available in Canadian libraries.

EBSCO eBooks
Business and Academic

EBSCO eBooks 

This digital collection focuses on high-quality, evidence-based, authoritative resources perfect for anyone interested in getting a more robust set of articles and information on any particular topic.

Discover this growing collection of ebooks including fiction, non-fiction, academic, children's classics, business and science publications, and current day materials.

Browse or search the entire collection, and preview as many books and articles as you'd like. Read the books online or download them for offline viewing on your PC, or onto your mobile device. Imagine 170,000 eBooks at your fingertips, 24/7!

Some of these resources require a log in with your Library card. Use the barcode number without spaces found on the back of your card. The enter your PIN which is the last four digits of your phone number when prompted. Need a library card? We got you. Complete this form for immediate access to all our digital collections. NOTE: you must be a Huntsville area resident.

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