Seed Library

Seeds @ HPL is a collection of heirloom and organic seeds that have been saved and donated by community members just like you. Whether you are a master gardener or just beginning your seedy adventures, we encourage you to borrow seeds from our library to plant your garden. Once your plants have grown and produced their own seeds, harvest some and bring them back to the Library to continue the cycle for years to come.

How it Works

  1. Borrow: choose up to five packages of seeds you would like to borrow from the Library.
  2. Grow: plant these seeds in your garden and let them grow. You can enjoy the harvest of many vegetables throughout the summer. Just make sure to let a few plants ripen fully into seeds.
  3. Return: Collect the ripe seeds from your garden, dry them out and return them to the Library in the fall.

Request Seeds

Our seed library is now available for browsing at the Library. It is located on top of the short stacks by the travel section. Visit us to pick out a few seeds for your garden. 

Seed Inventory

Our seeds are separated by seed saving difficulty. We have a great selection of heirloom vegetable seeds, some herbs and a few flowers. 


Easy plants take just one growing season to complete a full reproductive cycle, and they generally self pollinate. You don't need to worry about cross pollination from your own garden, or other gardens. 


Examples of easy seeds include beans and peas, herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and kale



Medium plants take just one growing season to complete a full reproductive cycle, but they may rely on insects for pollination. They can also cross pollinate, so you need to plan ahead in order to ensure pure seeds. 


Examples of medium seeds include beets, and swiss chard. 


Hard plants may take two or more years to complete a full reproductive cycle, as well as they may cross pollinate very easily. They require special care to ensure pure seed, such as hand pollination or caging. 


Examples of hard seeds include carrots, and all squashes, cucumbers and melons.



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