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We've put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.  Review these frequently asked questions and if you still have questions, send an email to  Staff will respond in 5 - 7 days.

 Is it safe to return items? 
Yes, but only books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines can be returned through the book return chute.
 How are you ensuring the safety of us and library staff?
We take the health and safety of our staff and the public seriously. Precautions are in place to ensure that our collections are safe to be handled by members of the public and our staff. The library is closed to the public thereby reducing risk of contamination. All library items returned are quarantined for 6 days.  Staff wear approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They wash their hands and use hand sanitizers frequently. Staff practice social distancing with working in the library.  All staff are trained in COVID-19 health and safety practices. 
 Will I have fines if I cannot return my items right now?
 Don't worry! Fines will not apply on currently checked out items until further notice.
 Can I drop off donations? 
 No. The Library is not accepting donations right now.
 Can I return the Hotspot I borrowed through the book drop? 
Books, DVDs, audiobooks, CDs and magazines are the ONLY items to be returned. If you have borrowed technology (Hotspot, Happy Lamp, Launchpad, Maker Kit etc.) please, contact the library at for information on how to return these items.
I have more than 5 holds, but the items are all on order. How can I get something that is available now if I cannot place any more holds? 
No worries! We can help. If you have exceeded your limit of 5 items on HOLD with on order or popular titles, For example: you are 3rd in line or later, email with your full name, card number, and the title & author of the AVAILABLE item you want placed on hold. A staff member will get back to you in 5 - 7 business days.
 I already have more than 5 items on hold. What do I do?
Great question! Here is the best thing you can do: first, prioritize the items you want. Then log into your account and suspend any titles for which you can wait longer.

If you cannot access your account online, email that list to with your full name and library card number. Library staff will do the best they can to get you the top 5 from your list!

 How often can I place a HOLD?
The only limit in place is the 5 HOLD maximum. You can place a HOLD anytime as long as you stay within your 5 HOLDS at a time limit. After you pick up your 5 holds, please wait several days before you log in and place 5 more. Why? Because we all need to work together to ensure everybody has an opportunity to get the items they want!
 I don’t have a Library card. What can I do?

Get an eCard to access over 35,000 ebooks and audio books. There are dozens of online tutorials, thousands of movies through Kanopy, too.  Interested in arts & crafts? Use CreativeBug!

When you want to expand your privileges to borrow books, magazines, books on CD, or DVDs, through the Library-to-Go modified service when offered, send an email to Please include your full name and address. Library staff will follow-up with you in 5 - 7 days to finish the process.

NOTE: This eCard is for District of Muskoka residents only. 

 Can I borrow items with my eCard?
The short answer is YES! You can use the entire digital collections! However, if you want to borrow physical items, you'll need a different card type. Send a request by email to with your full name and your eCard number. Library staff will review the email in 5 - 7 days and follow-up with you with the details to complete the process.
 Can I come into the Library to use the washroom or computers?
 No. The Library building remains closed to the public until further notice. 
  Why doesn't someone answer the phone when I call?
Great question and we know it can be frustrating. Staff are unavailable to answer the phone when they are on-site. We want to hear from you, leave us a message! Staff will get back to you in 5 - 7 days.
 What about due dates for items I get through Library-To-Go?
Good news! All items now have an extending borrowing period. You can keep the items for 6 weeks! No matter the item - DVD, magazine, new book . . . everything can be borrowed for 6 weeks!

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