3D Printing

We have a 3D printer that is available for public use. We use a MakerBot Replicator, which uses PLA plastic.

Printing a 3D object at the library

Follow the steps below to get a 3D object printed at the library.

Creating a 3D object

  1. Find an object from a website that provides 3D models for download such as Thingiverse or Pinshape.
  2. You can also create your own 3D object using TinkerCAD or SketchUp.
  3. Our 3D printer only accepts STL files.

Submit your 3D print file

  1. Use our 3D printing submission form to have your object 3D printed. We only accept STL files for submission.
  2. We will preview your file and will calculate the fee for the print job.
  3. Modifications to the object's design may be made.
  4. We will notify you when the printed object is ready for pick up.

More information on 3D printing

Cost to print a 3D object

It costs $0.05 per minute of printing, plus a $2 administration fee. As an example, if your print job takes four hours to print, the total cost would be $14 (240 minutes x $0.05 = $12 + $2 = $14).

Printing time for a 3D object

Printing times for 3D objects vary depending on the size and the amount of detail. Once you submit the file, we will give you the total cost for printing based on the estimated time.

Colours available

Available filament includes: black, blue, green, red, white, yellow, grey, pink, purple and orange.


The Library prohibits the printing of 3D objects that violate the Library's Code of Conduct Policy and Technology @ HPL Policy.


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