Interlibrary Loans

Interlibrary loans (ILLOs) are how library materials get sent from one library system to another. If the Huntsville Public Library does not own an item that you need, you can ask us to try order it from another library system.

Search for ILLOs

Sign into your ILLO account and search for materials. To sign into your account, use the last six digits of your library card as the User ID and the last four numbers of your phone number as the PIN.

Get an ILLO account

Sign up for an ILLO account online, or visit the Central Service Desk for assistance.

ILLO terms and conditions

  • Check our library catalogue first. We do not place ILLO requests on items that are already in our catalogue.
    • Exceptions: books for a book club and lost or damaged materials.
  • Loan periods are set by the owning library, with a possible two week renewal.
  • You must make renewal requests at least three days prior to the due date. Only library staff can renewal ILLO materials.
  • ILLO requests can take one to six weeks to arrive.
  • Only library staff can request microfilm materials. Speak with staff if you would like to request microfilm from the Archives of Ontario.
  • Overdue charges for ILLOs are $1 per day per item.
  • There is a $5 fee for ILLOs that you don't pick up.
  • You can lose your ILLO borrowing privileges if you are consistently late in returning ILLO materials.
  • If you lose or damage ILLO material, the lending library will determine the charges.
  • Certain restrictions apply. Materials requested must be:
    • At least 12 months old for all materials.
    • Not in high demand in other libraries.
    • Not fragile or rare.
    • In agreement with the policy of the lending library.
  • We cannot guarantee that we will fulfill all ILLO requests.

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