Beyond the Cover – Queer Stories In Muskoka

Come and celebrate Muskoka Pride at this free event that is open to everyone. Advanced registration is required.

Wednesday, July 24, from 7-9 PM

For registration, phone the circulation desk at 705-789-5232 or email the Community Engagement Coordinator.

For more information about Muskoka Pride Week (July 19 - 28) or to see the calendar of events, visit their website.

The Human Library

The Human Library is, in the true sense of the word, a library of people. This event allows readers to borrow human beings, serving as open books, to have conversations they would not usually have access to. Each book will be open for 20-minutes and readers can sign up for books they wish to listen to upon entering the library. Each reader will be able to listen to a maximum of 6 books. Readers are encouraged to socialize and enjoy light refreshments and treats between books. Every human book from our bookshelf is a volunteer representing a group in our community, and this is an opportunity to get together, share, and learn.

The Concept

The Human Library creates a safe space for dialogue where topics are discussed openly between our human books and their readers.

Our Books

All of our human books are volunteers with personal experience with their topic. The topics are broad and diverse. The Human Library is a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. Meet the Human Books of Beyond the Cover, Queer Stories in Muskoka.

Rev. Carol-Ann Chapman (she/her) Trinity United Gravenhurst

picture of Carol-AnnTopic: Lesbian Minister

Book bio: Rev. Carol-Ann Chapman is a minister at Trinity United Church in Gravenhurst who is passionate about creating inclusive and safe spaces. Since moving to Muskoka in 2021, she has served as a member of the board for Community Living South Muskoka and for TimberBeast Productions. She is a member of the District of Muskoka’s IDEA committee and on the jury of the Muskoka Queer Film Festival. She is a mom of two and grandmother of three. She lives with her partner Rachel and their 2 dogs Romy and Michelle.

 Theresa Buker (Diligent Harvester), Chair, Muskoka Indigenous Friends Cultural Centre
picture of TheresaTopic: Indigenous Women

Book bio: Theresa Buker (Diligent Harvester) has lived in Muskoka since 1974. Her Indigenous name translates to "a Metis woman who gathers or collects it up". Come and hear how this Red River Metis reconciles the traumas of her past to helping others find empowerment towards a hope and a future today.

 Ella Frost

picture of EllaTopic: Trans Individual

Book bio: Ella Frost (she/her) is 46-year-old trans woman and has lived in Bracebridge since 2019 and began her transition in 2020. She grew up in a small rural area during a time when LGBTQ+ issues weren’t talked about. 

 Kellie Leeder

Picture of KellieTopic: Person living with HIV

Book bio: Kellie Leeder (she, her): I am a daughter, sister, chosen Mother, and Grandmother; I am an ally of the 2S-LGBTQ community.  I also live with UNDETECTABLE HIV for 39 Years. U=U means Undetectable = Untransmittable, which means there is ZERO risk of passing HIV to anyone. I will share the stigma around living with HIV.

 Jayson Gutierrez

picture of JaysonTopic: Gay immigrant

Book bio:  Jayson is 41 years old and was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He has a degree in Biology and is a qualified teacher. Jayson’s journey has taken him to different countries, working in different industries, but he now calls Muskoka his home. He is thrilled that he recently became a Canadian citizen and shares his life with his wonderful partner, Shawn, and their dog, Bailey.

Connie Macneil

photo of Connie MacneilTopic: Parent of children that are LGBTQ

Book Bio: I am a 52-year-old mother and widow to 5 kids ages 12 years to 24 years who are all part of the LGBTQ community: 3 birth kids and 2 bonus kids. 

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