Age 7-12

Use the new digital app this year!

Register and track reading using READsquared. Register for an account at READsquared  or download the app.

Kids, you can sign up yourself (if you have an email address). Or a parent/caregiver can sign you up under their account. No username or password needed for kids under a parent/caregivers account.

Keep track of your reading from July 2 to August 20.

Grand Prize: $100 gift card to Up North Games!

Grand prize draw happens Friday, August 21 using a randomized draw through READsquared

Weekly Prize: Ice cream at Belly Ice Cream

Weekly prize draws take place every Friday from July 10 to August 14 using a randomized draw through READsquared. Get your reading entered by Thursday at midnight to include current reading in Friday draws!

Prize Sponsor: Rotary Club of North Muskoka

Find out about recommended reads right in the READsquared app or look at lists in the library catalogue. Looking for ebook and audiobooks for your tablet or phone? Search Libby/Overdrive! Find all the digital collections on our new Read & Listen webpage.

Love reading about the real world? View recommended non-fiction for kids

Enjoy reading fiction? See a list of recommended reads.

Wild about graphic novels for kids? Find recommended titles.

 Use our new Personalised Reading Suggestions service!  Complete the form and in 3 - 5 days you will get an email from our staff with three suggestions based on your responses.  How cool is that!  Give it a try!

Want to find great content on the national TD Summer Reading Club website?

Sign up there for a digital notebook (no printed notebooks for 2020), and receive your individualized web access code.

Use your web access code to access free ebooks, play games, write jokes and vote for a Battle of the Books made up of TD Summer Reading Club ebook titles.

Find it on TD Summer Reading Club website.

Enjoy spooky stories from Joel Sutherland? Interested in STEM books by Lindsey Carmichael?

Watch Canadian authors read, give interviews and see Canadian illustrators do demos on Bibliovideo!

It’s the new YouTube channel all about Canadian books for kids and teens, from the Canadian Children's Book Centre, with support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Bibliovideo YouTube Channel

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