Even though the library is closed, and we #StayAtHome, there are many great engaging, entertaining, and educational experiences to see and read online. However, we know it can be frustrating to find the good stuff, the interesting stuff, and find credible and authoritative websites.  We're here to help you!

We are curating a list of some fabulous websites where you can discover new ideas, listen to famous people read children's stories, watch movies, play games, or learn a new skill right in your living room.  We add new things almost every day!

These credible websites deliver information, movies, virtual tours, and activities for children, teens, adults and families. 

Need information on COVID-19? Visit the Town of Huntsville website.

Interior of a museum with dome ceiling and people looking at paintings along the walls.
Arts and Culture

From your living room, look through the art hanging at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.  Learn to doodle with MoWillems. Watch operas from Paris and New York. Go ahead.  Sit back and enjoy. 

A computer with image of woman holding a Harry Potter Book on the monitor screen.
Authors Reading Online

Listen to Dolly Parton read a bedtime story. Find dozens of authors who read their children's story books on Instagram and Facebook. There are even stories from space read aloud by astronauts.

computer monitor with a crossword puzzle on screen
Online Games and Puzzles

Not your usual games. Animated online learning modules your kids will love!   Find a collection of digital games that kids can play at home. And for the grown-ups, crossword puzzles!

Person studying with laptop, books, and other mobile devices.
Educational & Learning Sites

Need to learn to code? Trying to figure out algebra or trigonometry? Want your kids to know more about our natural world?  Find some great online learning sites to build skills and understanding. 

Popcorn, two people, and a TV remote.
Online Movies for All Ages & TV for Kids

Did you know the National Film Board of Canada offers thousands of films, shorts, and animated films?  Many have won Oscars! Play FREE educational games and watch programs for kids from pre-school to 11 years of age on TVO online!

Home office set up with computer, coffee, and workbooks.
Working From Home

Learn some tips and tricks to keep yourself motivated and focused while you work from home. Find support for managing remote teams.  Feeling work stress? Lynda.com offers several courses to help. 

Computer on a desk with an image of a museum interior on the screen with the words Virtual Tours across the frame
Take A Virtual Tour!

Feel as though you are walking through a garden in Waddesdon, England. Look through Claude Monet's Garden in Giverny, France. Virtually visit Ripley's Aquarium and the Toronto Zoo.  Get comfortable and enjoy the tour!

panda bear on laptop monitor that sits on a table with a flower in a vase and a glass of just nearby
Web Cams!

All across Canada, zoos, cities, parks, and sea passages make available webcams so you can see what is happening in places across our country. Watch pandas at Calgary Zoo or look for orca whales in straits near Vancouver Island. 

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