Get a Library Card

Library cards are available for adults, teens and children who meet the eligibility requirements. Visit the library in person to apply for and get a library card. To get a library card, you will need to present valid ID that includes your name and current address.

How to Get a Library Card

To be eligible for a free library card you need to:

  • Live in or own property in the Town of Huntsville.
  • Live in or own property in the District of Muskoka. Residents of Muskoka are eligible for a free card due to mutual borrowing agreements with other libraries in Muskoka.
  • Attend school in Huntsville (applies to children and teens).
  • Work within the Town of Huntsville. Proof of employment is required.

Non-residents of Huntsville or Muskoka can pay a $20 annual fee to become a member.

Library cards expire once a year. You may renew your card in person or by telephone.

Identification Requirements

To get a library card, you will need to bring valid and current name and address identification to the library. The following are types of identification the library will accept:

Proof of Name and Address

  • Ontario driver's license
  • Ontario photo ID card

Proof of Name

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Ontario health card
  • Citizenship card
  • School ID

Proof of Address

  • Current property tax bill
  • Current bill or lease
  • School report card

Get an eCard

If you are not able to visit library in person, and wish to access our online resources, you can sign up for an eCard.

Sign up for an eCard

Educator Card

Any educator currently working at an education facility in the Town of Huntsville is eligible for an Educator Card. This includes K-12
classroom teachers in public, separate and private schools as well as certified daycare centres:

Educator Card Benefits
  1. Check out most items for six week loan period
  2. Renew most items 1 time (Renewal is unavailable if the item is reserved for another user)
  3. Bestseller and high demand DVD titles are not included until 6 months after publication
  4. No late fees (Payment is required for lost or damaged items)
  5. Personal library card and educator card accounts are totally separate
  6. Limits
    1. Proof of employment
    2. An educator card expires June 30 and needs to be renewed annually
    3. The card is non transferable: can only be used by the card holder for education purposes

More information on library membership

Visit our Policies page for more information

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