Bird perched on a tree branch in winter

Great Backyard Bird Count

Weird, wild, and wonderful birds! Watching birds is a safe and fun activity we can do during the COVID-19 pandemicJoin Cortney LeGros, HPL's Community Engagement Coordinator, this February, as people the world over come together for the love of birds. And we have some virtual activities for you!

February 12 - 15: Great Backyard Bird Count

February 13 at 10 AM: Introduction to eBird - Virtual Activity using Zoom

February 12 at 1 PM: Take & Make a Bird Feeder Ornament - Virtual Activity using Zoom

February 12 - 15: Bird Bingo Contest: Download our bingo card, observe birds, and submit your completed card for a chance to win Sibley’s What it’s Like to be a Bird Book

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Great Backyard Bird Count

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The library building remains closed to the public for an indefinite period of time. The virtual library is open 24/7!

No on-site activities are available; however, there are a few online activities in which you can participate or create for yourself, your community, and your friends.

Here are a few ideas!  You need a library card. If you don't already have one, complete this form and get your ecard today!

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Craft-Along Craft Party!

Are you ready for a craft party? Here's how you can create your own craft-along craft party using CreativeBug available with your HPL card.

Don't have an HPL card?  No worries.  We've an eCard available for anyone who wants to access the electronic resources and digital collections available at the library.

Get Your eCard 

 Sign in to your CreativeBug account and find an art or craft you want to learn about and do with friends.
Contact some of your friends and arrange a time for an online video conference chat. Use any video chat program you have available to everyone. Ideally, look for an online video service that allows screen sharing. Practice connecting with each other and sharing your screen, too, before your first craft-along craft party!
Everyone gathers the supplies needed. Check the supplies list available in each CreativeBug Tutorial.
 Meet with your friends online and go LIVE!
 During your time together, sign in to your Creativebug account and find the craft or art lesson you've chosen. Share your screen with your friends and play the video tutorials of the art or craft you’ve chosen to do together. You can pause it whenever you need and rewind, too!

Follow along with the expert instructor in CreativeBug and make your project, together and online!
OPTIONAL: Have coffee, tea, or a glass of wine on hand!!
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Online book clubs are not new.  What is new?  The e-reading culture has grown exponentially in recent months as people adapt to the digital space.

Get an online book club put together, easily, and quickly!   It can be a cookbook club or one focused on historical fiction or detective fiction.  You choose!

We've put together some easy-to-follow steps to help you start your own online book club, some resources to help you, and a list of some online book clubs you may want to join!

Look at the list we've created of existing online book clubs you might consider joining.

 Do-it-Yourself Online Book Club
Step One: Decide on what kind of book club (bestsellers, thematic, memoirs, diction, classics, cookbooks, etc.)

Step Two: Decide what technology you want to use and options for interactive online video conferencing programs.

Step Three: Decide time and frequency.

Step Four: Invite members: ideal size for online is between 8 – 16: to create a diverse group ask 3 or 4 people to also invite 3 or 4 people.

Step Five: Set-up a pre-book club meeting to establish intent and particulars.

Step Six: Select first book, send out meeting schedule and reminders for the year.

Step Seven: Meet online and have fun reviewing and discussing the book you chose!

 Resources to Get You Started
 Join One of These Online Book Club!

There’s something wonderful about watching a movie with a community of people. Though cinemas are closed or have restrictions in place under new pandemic rules, the world of online film clubs is thriving. 

Virtual view-alongs are a fantastic way to discover new genres and meet like-minded movie buffs. The best part? You can get involved from your sofa.

Enjoy films and interact with others by setting up your own online film club or  joining one. This is a great opportunity to engage with films, new forms of communication, and deepen the connection to a community of film enthusiasts.

Start your own! Join an existing film club!

(Psssst.  Did you know there is a local film club?  It is starting it's online version soon!  Anyone can join! Contact Films That Make You Think at )

 How to Start Your Own Film Club!

One of the first steps in creating an online film club is deciding which type (environmental, documentary, Indie, etc.) and what online tools is the best for you. We offer some practical steps and suggestions below, but feel free to mix them up and create your own perfect solution. 

Setting Up Your Online Film Club

Here are some guided questions to consider and figure out the logistics for your online film club:

1)    How frequently are you screening films? There are many options to consider. 

  • Monthly – 12 times per year.
  • Twice per month for 3 months with 2 months break; each 3-month series focuses on a theme or topic.
  • Two 4-month blocks per year each focusing on a theme or topic.

2)    What streaming platform to use?

  • Poll your audience to learn what platform people would prefer.
  • Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo, Disney Plus, Kanopy (FREE with your library membership – up to 10 film credits per month or 120 films a year with many credit-free movies available).
  • If your audience prefers a paid platform, stick to the same one throughout to make it more accessible and consistent.

3)    How are you connecting and interacting with your audience/members? An important value of a film club is getting your audience together to watch and open conversations about the films.  This can be setup online through a few platforms.

  • Set up a private Facebook page.
  • Create a WhatsApp group.
  • Create a Flock group.
  • Set up a Zoom meeting so your audience can easily interact with each other both pre- and post-film watching.
  • For members without Internet, send a list of talking points and questions so they can feel connected, too.   For these members, set-up a series of phone calls between audience members offering them the opportunity to discuss their thoughts about the film.
  • Try a group Skype or FaceTime call for post-film discussions.
Choosing Your Films

After you’ve organized how your online film club will work, choose the films.  How to decide:

1)      Poll your audience/members

  • Ask for input on genres, themes, or topics

2)      Take turns selecting a film

  • For smaller clubs, assign a member of your audience or team to select a film.  This is a great and fun way to experience a range of film tastes, and for even more fun, ask the audience to score the films and create an online leaderboard.

3)      Look at film lists for inspiration.  There are hundreds of great film lists available – IMDb and Letterboxd  and Tara Judah “Films in the time of Coronavirus” are a good place to start. 

Promoting Your Screenings

Choose how to best connect with your audience/members. The benefits of having an online film club is the opportunity to bring in new audiences and members. It is a great opportunity to raise your profile as a community cinema club.

1)      Be recognizable to your existing and new audience/members

  • Include a logo in all communications online and via email
  • Create a dedicated email address for your club
  • Include key information: film titles, screening dates, how the post-viewing discussion will work, and which platform. Include guidance for audience/members who may been some support within the platform.
  • Share information about the film club on multiple platforms – the film club’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts – and locally placed posters.
  • Share film trailers and articles with audience and members and in all online promotions. 
Running Your Screenings

Here are some ideas of how you might make your online screening fun and engaging:

  • Countdown to the film screening – Encourage your audience to get comfortable, make a cup of tea or cocoa, get their popcorn ready, and share photos of themselves ready to watch the film from their homes on your social media platform
  • Let your audience/membership know how to you plan to discuss the film.  Perhaps you organize a 15-minute break where audiences can go online to chat about their thoughts so far? 
  • Include instruction on how to steam the film for your audience/members who may not be experienced with streaming platforms.
  • As for feedback on the first online film screening.  You’ll want to know how they found the experience and suggestions to improve the experience.
  1. Make your club name catchy and memorable.
  2. Create a dedicated email account for the film club. 
  3. If using Facebook, set up a Business Facebook account to keep it separate from your personal account.
  4. Set up a Private Group if you are using Facebook.
  5. Use social media to spread the word about your film club.
 Join a Film Club!

There are thousands of online films clubs available worldwide.  Here is a list of only a few. 

  • Films That Make You Think is a Huntsville film club that is setting up an online opportunity for you to connect with others and watch great films! Let them know you are interested in joining! Contact them at 
  • Le Cinéma Club: Founder Marie-Louise Khondji set out to create a dynamic online cinema space focused on showcasing under-appreciated films – particularly short formats – as a way of providing access to diverse and original voices.
  • See You Next Wednesday: SYNW is a weekly film club where people get together and watch a film online together in isolation. These are films you never knew existed or would love enough to watch again. All you have to do is source a copy of the film, cue it up to play then, next Wednesday - 8:30 on the dot - press PLAY.
  • Utopia Movie Night: "Utopia movie night is a club for people who want to connect over films that matter during this time of isolation. Films to help build empathy around important themes and topics as well as films to simply lift your soul. Some are curated by us (Utopia), some are curated by you and most are voted on by everyone. And if we’re lucky, we may have a special guest join us to introduce the film." Quoted from Utopia website.
  • The Westdale Community Film Club: The Westdale screens art and independent films, and provides an intimate cultural space for public performances and exhibitions, showcasing Canadian and world content. The Westdale is located in Hamilton, Ontario. 

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